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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Featured Artist: Susan Chater

Susan Chater

Painting has been a passion for much of her life but she made a serious commitment to watercolour in 1982. 

While she has had formal training in the field of art, much of her technique can be attributed to years of experience and a few talented mentors.  Her paintings can best be described as detailed impressions, with strong use of colour and design.

Over the last eighteen years she has held nearly 30  exhibitions and her paintings have been displayed and sold in numerous galleries and exhibits across Ontario and the UK.  In 1997 she was proud to be elected to the Canadian Society of Painters In Watercolour (CSPWC), and she is  a silver signature member of the Toronto Watercolour Society (TWS).  She derives great pleasure from sharing the joy of this wonderful medium through teaching regular classes , jurying shows and teaching workshops.  

Where were you born? 
I was born in UK
If you could have an art related vacation anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
I love Europe - for its sense of continuity
What’s your favourite thing to create and why?
Anything that shows beauty - both natural or manmade
How did you get your start in the world of art?
Started as a child winning several national competitions in elementary school.
Do you have go-to paints/colors that you love to use in your art work?
No specific colours - just colour
Who has been your biggest inspiration as an artist? 
The impressionists
What have been some of your crowning achievements?
Election to the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour
If you could have three wishes as an artist, what would they be?
More time to paint, more time to paint, more time to paint

What is the best advice that you have received as an artist?
Be yourself
What colour best describes your personality?

Thank you Susan

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