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Friday, 25 April 2014

Introducing the 2014 Studio Tour Artists

There are many exciting events planned over the coming months in the lead up to this years Richmond Hill Studio Tour including 'Art in the Park' events, outdoor summer concerts, and the Hillcrest Mall Preview Show, where people will have the opportunity to meet many of the Studio Tour artists and see them at work.

 We will also be doing the popular Featured Artist here on 'Art on the Hill' again so check here often to read about some of the memorable or funny moments the artists have had during previous Studio Tours or what they are most looking forward to at this years Tour. They will also be telling us some interesting facts about their type of art.  Its a great opportunity to get to know about each artist and the mediums in which they work.

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Congratulations to the 44 Artists who have been juried into this years Studio Tour

Sherry Rossi                                  Jamak Hadiyan
Ian Kochberg                                 Chris Kingdon
Cesan d'Ornellas Levine                Ona Kingdon
Victor Molev                                  Vladimir Lopatin
Didi Gadjanski                               Olena Lopatina
Sharon Kirsh                                  Andrea End
Susan Chater                                  Khatcho Yazedjian
Karen Pasieka                                Momin Wasim Khan
Peter Pasieka                                  Alexandra Conrad
Mari Nicolson                                Valerie Kent
Rose Hirano                                    Jette Cotte
Joanna Dabrowski                          Wendy Cho
Michelle Tourikian                         Maryam Sadrolhefazi
Kate Liubansky                               Masha Toosi
Alice Chik                                      Laurel Douglas Shugarman
Valentine loppe                               Don Downer
Tiffany Folmeg                               Liz Menard
Ben Lee                                           Irina Zaretchnev
Yunxu Long                                    Josephine Sherman
Inga Rosin                                       Daniela Anzil
Sue Sun                                           Shiva Moghaddasi
Yvette Daou-Yacoub                       Lezlie Winemaker

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