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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Photo's from the Tour weekend

Here are a selection of photos from this years Studio Tour. Hope you enjoy them.

Live Music at the first stop on the Art Bus
 displays at Boynton House

 A selection of Photographs from Stop 11 Karen and Peter Pasieka

 Visitors at Boynton House

 Mari Nicolson's work

 Inga Rozin with her work

 Ben Lee, Laurel Douglas Shugarmann, Momim Wassim Khan and Michelle Zikovitch
 Sharon Kirsh with Heather

Michelle Tourikian's work

 Lezlie Winemaker

 Momim Wassim Khan
 Ben Lee
 Laurel Douglas Shugarmann
 Victor Molev

 Jamak Hadiyan and Liz Menard
 Chris and Ona Kingdon and Jamak Hadiyan
 Lezlie Winemaker and Jamak Hadiyan
 Yvette's jewellery
 Wendy Cho
 Jette Cott
 Valerie Kent

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