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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Katie and Sharon: Artists in Residence at Mill Pond Gallery

This week, Studio tour artists, Sharon Kirsh and Katie Argyle are Artists in Residence at the Mill Pond Gallery.  This bright sunny space, located beside the Mill Pond, is one of the featured stops during the Richmond Hill Studio Tour. During the summer, this gallery space is occupied by artists at work. And for the week of July 22nd to July 29th, Katie and Sharon have been hard at work, indulging in their desire to create in a focused manner.

Works in Progress: Sharon's Cold Wax Paintings beside Katie's Wood Cuts


Q. Why did you want to be an artist in residence?

Katie Argyle (KA): I was an artist in residence here last year and I knew that I could make good work in this space. So, this year I planned to finish some large projects and continue to add to my series of work about the suburbs. I also, simply value the large space we have available to us. I have a very small studio and I live in an apartment. I can't actually see or display many of the pieces I make. For me, part of being here is the joy to see my own work up on a wall.

Katie's got big plans!

Sharon Kirsh (SK): My studio is at home, and although I am grateful to have this convenience and space, I am to easily distracted by home responsibilities. I am deeply sensitive to my environment, and felt that being somewhere new sharing space with another creative soul, would bring new energy and vitality to my work (and it did!). 

Work in Progress, Looking at the world "Through Rose Coloured Glasses"


Q. What did you hope to get accomplished, and what actually happened?

(KA): I hoped to finish carving a large woodblock and to immerse myself in printmaking techniques. In particular I wanted to try some experiments with prints. What has happened is I have talked to more people then I thought I would. I will finish my large woodblock and have made a print a day.

Katie's wall of daily print and larger print from her series on the suburbs.

(SK): My plan was to first complete a few pieces that seem to remain chronically in progress. I am pleased to say, that they have taken on completely new life and energy, (pictured up above) and although still not complete, they now feel interesting and alive. I also wanted to play with an idea that has been simmering for the last few months. Influenced by the musicians and dancers I met during York Region Art Council's Artrepreneur program. I started some small samples of this idea earlier this week, and am eager to continue them on a larger scale in the remaining day here.

New idea, reflections on movement.

(KA & SK): Today is our last day at the gallery as Artists in Residence. There is an Abba Tribute band playing at the Mill Pond Park across the street tonight so the party atmosphere may make it's way into the gallery.... Before then, we have plans to work on a collaborative piece today. Check out tour websites, and Facebook pages, to see more of our progress!

To learn more about Katie and her work please visit, or To learn more about Sharon Kirsh and her work, please visit or For details about Artrepreneur program, check out

Please make a point of visiting both of these artists during the studio tour!

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