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Friday, 16 September 2016

Featured Artist - Rubina Panjwani

This week's blog post is written by Rubina Panjwani. She is sharing some of her thoughts on creativity. 

Creativity is the essence of any art.  I make jewelry from different shapes of wire, mostly copper, sterling silver and gold fill. The stones I use are gems or semi-precious.  The knowledge I use to create wearable art jewelry comes from the courses I took in college and working alongside other great artists. But my inspiration comes from a variety of places, and I tend to feel a particular connection with nature. The fours seasons and associated colours, folded leaves, a rainbow…all of these can strike a chord within me and I suddenly feel the urge to create.  Inspiration is all around us - all we need is imagination and our resources.  The more we take chances and try something new, the more we can cultivate an expertise in our specific field.

On that same note, creativity plays a significant role in an artist’s life. As a result, we have a drive to socialize, experiment and take risks, and keep up on styles and trends, be around positivity, experiment with different techniques and ideas, visit museums, galleries, shows and exhibitions, bring communities together, challenge ourselves, read, take photos, teach and share our work/ideas. When it comes to creating, I truly believe that there are no rules; rather, the important thing is to put our heart and soul in the task, and always dream big.

'Stay loyal to your creativity because it's a gift'.
- Pharrell

See you all at Richmond Hill Studio Tour Artists Show on Oct 15-16, 2016. I will be at the Oak Ridges Community Centre, Richmond Hill.  My facebook page is:

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