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Monday, 23 June 2014

Featured Artist: Yvette Daou-Yacoub

Yvette Daou-Yacoub was born into a family with five uncles who were fine high end jewellers and Goldsmiths. She inherited her passion for jewellery from her uncles. Yvette is now designing jewellery using gem stones, pearls, and crystals just like she used to dream as a little girl. Her commitment to her one-of-kind designs and meeting her customer’s needs are foremost in her approach to every piece. You can see her passion for her work in every piece.

Tell us about your most memorable moment that has happened in a previous studio Tour

4 years ago when I first participated in Studio Tour, I did not know what to expect and how the town and the community will receive the Beaded Art/Jewellery designs in the  world of Art  in general. I remember when the doors opened on the first day of the Studio Tour, and the people started coming in, the look on their faces when they saw me standing behind my table full of beaded jewellery and accessories, they were surprised and bit confused. I remember one lady in particular, approaching my table and saying out loud: “I did not know beading is part of Art isn’t that a crafty thing?!” I did not know whether to laugh or to cry. I decided to keep quiet, smiled  and let her admire my collection as she kept looking at my creations with admirations…I knew then that I have added a new flavour to the Art world and I have created more awareness about the beading and the beaded art in general…I will never forget it.

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