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Friday, 16 May 2014

Featured Artist: Tiffany Folmeg

 This is Tiffany's first year as an artist in the studio tour.

Tell us what you are most looking forward to about this years Studio Tour.

This show encourages a connection between the artist and public granting direct exposure and interaction with the community.  I look forward to talking to individuals engaged in supporting the local art scene.  There is much to learn and experience within such an event in hopes to heighten my practice.  

Tell us how you got started in the world of art and who inspired you.
Being creative was encouraged at a very young age, and as I continued into secondary school I had great support from my visual arts teacher.   He was a great mentor which paved way to post-secondary art and now as an instructor of the arts.  It is honest to say that all art inspires me, I love to learn about the historical attributes woven in rich pieces of artwork and the various means that drive humanity to create.  It will always be a goal of mine to engage individuals and myself for the sake of creative and tactile learning.  Art is the evident connection between the soul and the world around us.

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