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Friday, 18 July 2014

Featured Artist: Joanna Dabrowski

 Tell us about your most memorable/ or funniest moment that has happened in a previous studio Tour.

I find it interesting when people first come by studio and are quite startled by what they see. Its nice to see my work evoking a reaction; I can really see their mental gears grinding. It becomes most striking and pleasing once my visitors find themselves comfortable with my work and begin noticing likenesses in my sculptures to their friends or family. I always hope for my sculptures to be relatable. 

Tell us 3 interesting/ unusual facts about your chosen medium/ art form or the materials you use or the way in which you work

It is difficult to describe only three interesting things as I work with many mediums in many unconventional ways. I experiment with different ideas and effects- so I'm constantly trying out new combinations to see what they can give me. I generally have something malleable on hand ( epoxies, polymers etc.) because it allows me the freedom to really work the medium in the exact way I want. Much of the work I make sees the light of varying techniques and materials, but it always comes from the heart.


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