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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Featured Artist: Kate Liubansky

 Tell us what you are most looking forward to about this years Studio Tour

I look forward to meeting people with different artistic backgrounds and experience. I'm excited to get feedback from visitors about my photos and frames, as well as my theme and overall concept. I also look forward to hearing other people's interpretation of my images and the connections they make based on their personal experience.

Photo by Kate Liubansky, Taken afar - Shot in Borer's Falls Conservation Area, Hamilton, 2014

Tell us how you got started in the world of art and who inspired you.

I began exploring my artistic side in 2012 after many years of wanting to start. I have always been inspired by nature and the environment for its beauty and detail, for its life and inhabitants, for its strength and wisdom. Photographing wildlife and landscapes came very naturally to me, as well as discovering the photography of architecture and the people that are part of the environment. Using natural wood when building frames for my photos is also inspired by nature and allows me to highlight it even further.

My art is about telling stories through photos, framing these photos in natural ways and ensuring that these stories live on forever.

 Photo by Kate Liubansky, Tree Swallows - Shot in Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto, 2014

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