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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Featured Artist: Sharon Kirsh

  What I am most looking forward too...

I am so excited to be able to share such a rich cultural experience, with family friends and neighbours right here in Richmond Hill. As an artist, it is truly amazing to live in Richmond Hill, a culturally rich and diverse town that recognizes the value of the arts and supports the arts community. I feel honoured to be part of this amazing event and look forward to meeting more of my community!

 How I got started in the world art and who inspires me.

I was a really lucky kid, as my mom let me paint on the walls of our house. As a kid, I always thought that I wanted to be an artist, but as I got older didn’t feel that art was a practical career. It wasn't until, during my maternity leave, from a very practical job I did not enjoy, that I decided to take some art classes right here in Richmond Hill. After taking classes with the town, and feeling both inspired and encouraged I enrolled at the Toronto School of Art and then the Academy of Art & Design. I am very much inspired by Marc Chagall, whose work conveys such joy, so much so, that standing in the presence of his work the viewer experiences joy as well. To be able to create feelings of joy and happiness in the viewer is, in my opinion, the ultimate in artistic achievement!

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